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First Event 21 Apr 2008: Maserati Gran Sport to Combat Stress.

Final Event 19 Feb 2020: Buckmore Park Karting.

(308 Events over 12 years benefitting 5,600 Veterans - Mainly British but also French, USA and Russian)

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Armed Forces Day – Swindon

This is Motorsport Endevour’s first armed forces day that was held in Swindon on the 27th June 2015. We had a lot of support from the public and the wider armed forces community. We raised awareness and promoted how motorsport supports the recovery of veterans. We have enhance our reputation in what we do.  I would like to say a big thank to Dawn and Bill, Mike and his wife Sandy for giving their time up to help out. We raise £90 in total. Selling our club badges and all the Marussia F1 team caps, which was kindly donated By Brian Leach.  We have now been given a regularly spot, which is great news.

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