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First Event 21 Apr 2008: Maserati Gran Sport to Combat Stress.

Final Event 19 Feb 2020: Buckmore Park Karting.

(308 Events over 12 years benefitting 5,600 Veterans - Mainly British but also French, USA and Russian)

McLaren Technology Centre tour

On Friday the 21st August 2015, Motorsport Endeavour had a fantastic day at McLaren Technology Centre. The futuristic centre was built to produce over 4,000 McLaren road cars a year and is normally off-limits but MSE was given rare access.

The tour was host by Amanda McLaren (daughter of the late Bruce McLaren) who kindly gave her time to give the tour. She kept us entertained with some very interesting stories.

Through Motorsports I have developed my confidence, self-esteem and social skills. It has encouraged me to meet other military injury personal, thus building friendship.
PTSD is a hidden wound, it is not a clearly visible injury and motorsports is an idea sport, where you can find temporary peace from issues in your mind.
Brian Rollinson.

Thank you once again Motorsport Endeavour for the opportunity to visit McLaren’s prestigious Technology centre. These very well organised events are a great opportunity to meet other wounded, injured and sick personnel. Personally from my point of view it encourages my self-confidence to meet a variety of people with one common interest ‘Motorsport’ which Motorsport Endeavour provides through organised events like this.
Lee Lloyd

Motorsport Endeavour plays a crucial role in my recovery by giving me amazingly positive experiences that live long in my memory. Slowly, these memories are replacing the horrors that exist in my mind. I cannot thank the team enough for giving me these opportunities to move on.
Stephen Carr

Amanda McLaren

Amanda McLaren

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