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First Event 21 Apr 2008: Maserati Gran Sport to Combat Stress.

Final Event 19 Feb 2020: Buckmore Park Karting.

(308 Events over 12 years benefitting 5,600 Veterans - Mainly British but also French, USA and Russian)

Graham Raphael – Founder/Chairman

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At the close of 1976 a Motorsport enthusiast and keen driver was lying with broken neck paralysed in a Bombay hospital. Stopping at Bombay on the way to survey the London Sydney Rally he needed a swim but hadn’t reckoned with an incorrectly-marked pool. Passing nurses peered uncomprehendingly at the odd-looking and shaven-headed specimen with more tubes sprouting from him than the exhaust outlets of a V12 making noises as if he were accelerating and  changing gear.

Broken neck a bloody nuisance… he wanted to  drive.

The fascination and  independence that driving confers are high on the list of interests of many people and when snatched away through injury  frequently they are replaced by a lack of self-confidence.

“I’ll have a go at this!” makes way for “I can’t do that now” and negative thought impedes the recovery process.

Through participation in the car-related activities of Motorsport Endeavour, the aim is to help the recovery of service personnel damaged in mind or body.

These presently are mainly based in the Southern part of the UK although the intention is to hold events that reflect the nationwide distribution of serving and ex-serving military personnel.

Confidence is the sovereign remedy.

Graham Raphael

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